Senior Geotechnical Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Exeter

Our clients are a specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy, delivering leading-edge services for a wide range of clients. They provide advice and design solutions on a broad range of ground-related issues, working directly with site developers or their design and construction teams.

Competencies for Senior Engineer Grade


A competent Senior Engineer would be expected to be working to become a chartered professional with a developing technical capability and to be managing commercial projects they are given both technically and contractually, under guidance. Their duties would include both site and office based work. Senior Engineers may hold technical specialisms and be starting to develop project management capabilities based on their developing technical skills and an awareness of company objectives and approaches. Professional competency as considered by the appropriate professional body will underpin these qualities. They will be responsible to line managers from the Operations Team or senior staff at Principal Engineer Grade for the financial success of the projects and for the maintaining of client relations with customers.

The following competencies identify the criteria to be demonstrated. A Senior Engineer Grade member of staff will:

1. Be seen to be developing technical competence across one or more areas of our clients consultancy; geotechnical, geoenvironmental, engineering geology and waste.

2. Be a competent report writer – with reports identifying key elements including accurate ground models, site constraints, environmental issues, third party issues requiring minimal review and changes.

3. Requirement to consistently provide reports with no errors in factual data.

4. Requirement to consistently provide reports containing ground model/contamination risk assessment/design assumptions that are clearly presented and defensible. Senior Engineers should recognise that factual/interpretative reporting will provide the basis for information decision making and providing recommendations regarding the development of the site. They should be able to provide a reasoned defence of their interpretations/assumptions when questioned by more senior staff.

5. A Senior Engineer should be aware of the types of decisions and conclusions that may be drawn for the report and would be expected to raise appropriate questions at this point, but not necessarily be able to provide the decisions/conclusions.

6. Be able too present routine technical arguments verbally and within a report structure, showing ability to understand project requirements and the ability to communicate scenarios/solutions in technical English.

7. Senior Engineers are required to be able to collect required data in accordance with our clients SOPs, and to populate the relevant site forms and sheets with factually accurate data.

8. Have an ability to self-check reports to give confidence in the report checker on accuracy such that minimal or no changes are required.

9. Can demonstrate technical competence and confidence in meetings with clients, regulators, co-consultants and the like.

10. Be working towards and showing progress in their formation as a competent professional at Chartered status by one or more recognised UK professional bodies i.e. CEng, CEnv, CGeol, and CSci.

11. Be learning skills as a project manager in the running of routine investigation projects (typically £20-75k in value) and design projects to required standards meeting technical, financial and programme targets with the supervision from senior staff.

12. Uphold the Mission, Vision and Values of our clients and help others to do so in their careers with the company.

It is possible that recruitment may see equivalence drawn with other organisations who develop their own competencies for Senior Engineers for appointment at this grade.

• They will be achieving verifiable progress on the gaining of professional status with a recognised UK body that establishes over a minimum of 5 years post graduate formation the technical and commercial application of their degree knowledge both.
• They will understand the importance of cost control and budget management.
• They will be experiencing at first hand; site works, decision taking, risk assessment and design and implementation over a significant breadth of our clients consulting skills, and will be able to advise and support more junior staff competently in these tasks.
• They will be developing a track record of authoring interpretative reporting, risk assessment and verification reporting of our clients projects, accurately and with clarity.
• They will be contributing to the safe working and HSW culture of our clients, supporting senior colleagues in this work.
• They will be looking to present to in house

Salary – £27,000-£35,000