Graduate Geo-Environmental Engineer

Our clients are a specialist geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancy, delivering leading-edge services for a wide range of clients. They provide advice and design solutions on a broad range of ground-related issues, working directly with site developers or their design and construction teams.

Qualification required:

Graduate Engineer 1st Degree (BSc) Civil Engineering, Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Science or similar.

Other degrees in combination with an MSc or equivalent: Engineer 1st Degree (MEng/BEng) Civil Engineering, Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Science (BSc/MSci) or similar. Plus MSc in relevant discipline.

A Graduate Engineer will be expected to be able to transfer the learning gained during their education to a commercial environment, and to apply principles that they have acquired in combination with practical ability. They will be expected to work closely with project managers and other project engineers as part of a team and, where required, on their own following instructions given to them by the Project Managers or other senior members of the project teams. They will work within the office environment undertaking project work including report writing, computations, analysis and compilation of graphs and figures, etc. On site they will undertake basic logging of soils and rock and supervision duties and be able to form a basic understanding of the ground conditions and not see site work as simply a data gathering exercise or devoid of commercial imperatives.


1. To be able to organise arrangements for non-complex small and medium sized site

2. To log soils and rocks to a common BS/EC7 standard and understand any changes made during review processes.

3. To be able to produce non-complex drawings and graphs using Microsoft programs.

4. To write reports that are consistently factually correct and in a reasonable standard of technical English whilst avoiding any spelling errors, inconsistencies, inaccuracies and transposition errors.

5. To be able to use basic software and perform basic calculations (i.e. logging packages, contamination assessment spreadsheets, waste disposal spreadsheets, soakaway calculations etc.) and able to self-check for errors.

6. To organise and source desk study information and demonstrably regard it as an understanding process and not simply data collection.

7. To collect investigation/design/report data in accordance with our clients SOPs, and to populate the relevant site forms and sheets with factually accurate data.

8. To have an understanding of the principles of ground and conceptual models and to be able to interpret desk study information, site investigation data and laboratory test results such that a basic ground/conceptual model can be developed.

12. To uphold the Mission, Vision and Values of our clients


An Engineer should be demonstrating the following qualities within six months of starting graduate employment at the end of their probation with the company:

  • They will be showing signs of technical and commercial competence in what they do to colleagues at higher grades.
  • They will be aware of the importance of cost control and budget management.
  • They will be experiencing at first hand, site works, decision taking, risk assessment basic design and implementation on the projects they are involved with.
  • They will be contributing to the safe working and HSE culture of our clients and aware of the legal frameworks and responsibilities professional staff hold both on site and in the office.
  • They will be identifying the professional pathway to achieve chartered professional status they wish to embark upon.
  • They will be recording and formulating a personal library of technical support data to underpin their future professional development.
  • They will need to be flexible over site commitments, client requirements for responses and hold and maintain a current UK driving licence.

Salary – £22,000-£26,000